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Why Choose BioMagnetic Therapy?

Discover the potential of biomagnetic therapy, a gentle and non-invasive alternative healing method that offers promising results in addressing a wide range of health concerns. Using magnets, biomagnetic therapy aims to restore the body's pH balance and support natural healing processes, providing a holistic approach to optimize overall well-being. Experience the transformative effects of this therapy as it seeks to harmonize the body and empower individuals on their path to wellness.

With its focus on rebalancing and harnessing the body's innate healing abilities, biomagnetic therapy has emerged as a notable option in alternative medicine. This therapy gently addresses underlying imbalances by utilizing magnets, supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms. Embrace the potential of biomagnetic therapy and start your journey toward improved health and vitality.

Common BioMagnetic Therapy Treatments

Discover common biomagnetic therapy treatments, harnessing the power of magnets to promote natural healing and restore balance in the body. Experience the transformative potential of biomagnetic therapy for various health concerns.

Image by Erik Karits

Lyme Disease

Harness the potential of biomagnetic therapy in addressing Lyme disease symptoms by restoring energy balance, eliminating toxins, and supporting the immune system, promoting overall well-being and potentially contributing to the disease's recovery.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Hormonal Balancing

Experience the benefits of biomagnetic therapy in promoting hormonal balance, as this gentle modality targets specific areas of the body to correct imbalances and regulate the endocrine system, supporting optimal hormonal health and well-being.

Metal Shearing

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Effectively address heavy metal toxicity with biomagnetic therapy, as strategically placed magnets create a magnetic field that promotes detoxification, aiding in the elimination of harmful heavy metal toxins from the body.

Natural Cosmetic Materials

Lymphatic Drainage

Improve lymphatic drainage with biomagnetic therapy, a holistic method that restores pH balance, enhances circulation, reduces inflammation, and supports detoxification, providing a comprehensive approach to optimizing the lymphatic system's function.

Image by Avinash Kumar


Combat the adverse effects of mold on the body with biomagnetic therapy, as this modality utilizes magnets to rebalance pH levels, reduce inflammation, and promote natural healing, providing relief from respiratory problems, allergies, and chronic inflammation caused by mold exposure.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

And many other illnesses...

Parasites, bacteria, candida, viruses, toxoplasmosis, pathogens, staphylococcus


"BioMagnetic Feedback is an immensely powerful healing therapy that clears the body of viruses, bacteria, toxins, disease, and imbalances. The modality, combined with Dawn’s own intuition, conducts an extremely thorough assessment of the body that is not only accurate but also may detect unknown issues. I was amazed the first time that I had a treatment that Dawn could read the feedback of my body, which provided a detailed medical history that I had not shared.
Working with Dawn has been an essential piece of my wellness journey. I liken it to turning back time so that my body is wound back to a state of homeostasis with each detoxifying session. The cherry on top is that Dawn is a kind, positive, and joyful practitioner that loves her chosen profession and the people she works."
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