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BioMagnetic Pairing Therapist

Dawn Thompson

"The human body is like a magnet, with positive and negative poles. When these poles are out of balance, disease can occur. Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy can restore balance and promote healing." - Dr. Isaac Goiz



I first became familiar with biomagnetism during my time working at Active Healing, an alternative medicine and energy healing center in North Beverly, MA. During my time there, I witnessed a portion of a session being conducted by a therapist for one of our clients, and I was immediately intrigued. Later, I learned about a practitioner in Portsmouth, NH, and decided to schedule a session with her. During our conversation, she mentioned that a course would be starting in two weeks. 


The course was taught by a woman in Vermont who specializes in the Lyme Magnetic Protocol, which focuses on treating various strains of Lyme disease, mold, fungus, candida, heavy metals, and detoxification. I continued my studies with a doctor in New Jersey to expand my knowledge of biomagnetism and how it can be used to help people.

What to Expect

As a practitioner of biomagnetic pairing therapy, I specialize in using the power of magnets to balance the body's pH levels and promote natural healing. My services are available to clients of all ages, and I work primarily in the North of Boston area, while also serving clients in Cape Cod, Boston, Maine, and New Hampshire. For those who are unable to meet in person, I also offer remote sessions as an option. Contact me today to learn more about how biomagnetic pairing therapy can help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

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