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BioMagnetic Therapy, an alternative, non-invasive therapy used for treating many different illnesses

"All diseases are caused by an imbalance in the body’s pH. Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy uses magnets to neutralize the pH and help the body heal itself naturally."-
Dr. Isaac Goiz, the founder of Bio
magnetic Pairing Therapy

Biomagnetic therapy, or biomagnetic pairing therapy, offers natural and non-invasive methods for restoring the body's equilibrium and supporting healing processes. By harnessing the power of magnets, these approaches address the underlying causes of health issues, promoting improved physical and emotional well-being. By balancing pH levels and eliminating toxins, biomagnetic therapy aids the body in its natural healing mechanisms, benefiting individuals of all ages and various health conditions.

Targeting a wide range of concerns, from Lyme disease to chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and emotional imbalances, biomagnetic pairing therapy focuses on identifying and addressing imbalances within the body's energy field. By revitalizing the body's innate healing abilities, this therapy facilitates comprehensive improvements in overall health and well-being. Experience the transformative potential of biomagnetic therapy as it offers a gentle and effective path toward healing and restoration.


"BioMagnetic Feedback is an immensely powerful healing therapy that clears the body of viruses, bacteria, toxins, disease, and imbalances. The modality, combined with Dawn’s own intuition, conducts an extremely thorough assessment of the body that is not only accurate but also may detect unknown issues. I was amazed the first time that I had a treatment that Dawn could read the feedback of my body, which provided a detailed medical history that I had not shared.
Working with Dawn has been an essential piece of my wellness journey. I liken it to turning back time so that my body is wound back to a state of homeostasis with each detoxifying session. The cherry on top is that Dawn is a kind, positive, and joyful practitioner that loves her chosen profession and the people she works."
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